Costa Sanding Equipment

Ville-Tec are Australia’s sole agent for Costa Levigatrici since 1996. With 24-years of product knowledge, we are Australia’s most experienced sanding equipment supplier.

Costa Levigatrici is a world-leading manufacturer of automatic sanding equipment, designed and build in Italy.

The range includes machines for wood, metal, painted surfaces, as well as special materials like cement. For over 50 years, Costa has been manufacturing high quality sanders with an unchallenged level of reliability, quality and innovation.

About 80% of all Costa machines sold in Australia by Ville-Tec since 1996 are with the original owners and are still in use today. That's because we only supply a machine after we have asked a lot of questions, to make sure we supply the correct machine.

Costa Levigatrici is one of just a select few companies that can supply machines for processing panels as wide as 3.7m and up to 800mm thick.

These large machines are mostly used for processing of CLT, available with top sanding only or as a Top & Bottom Machine with multiple sanding units

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