Second Hand Parts

From time to time we wreck equipment, that has served its use-by date.

Often some of the components are still serviceable, but no longer available.

Ville-Tec has a second hand parts store with mostly superseded 1-off used parts.

Not all of these parts are listed on our web page, please contact us with your specific inquiry.

S/H CNI Modules

We have a number of S/H CNI Modules available.

S/H Control Pendant

S/H Control Pendant with Emergency Stop

S/H Control Pendant

S/H Multi-Function Control Pendant

NUM 750 Display & Key Pad

S/H NUM 750

S/H Collet's ER 32

Assorted sizes

SCM Morbidelli Horizontal Router Aggregate

S/H SCM Morbidelli Tool Holders

S/H CNI RT 481 Computer

S/H CNI Key Pad

Axillary Keypad as removed form machine

S/H Output Card

S/H Output Card