Striebig Vertical Panel Saw

Ville-Tec is your Australian & New Zealand Striebig Vertical Panel saw expert. As the sole agent for Striebig Vertical Panel saws since 1998, we have been supplying and commissioning these high-quality machines all over Australia. In 2018, Striebig appointed Ville-Tec also as Sole agent for New Zealand.

These Swiss manufactured Vertical Panel Saws are the world’s most technologically advanced, economically efficient, and precise machines, capable of cutting many different panel materials.

With 100's of Striebig Vertical Panel Saw's sold all around Australia, they are a proven long-term investment with maximum return.

Uses include cutting of Timber Panels, Particle Board, MDF, White Board, Composite Panels, CFC-Sheets, Corian, Aluminium Sheets, as well as many other more Non-Ferrous materials.

If equipped with the optional Grooving Accessories, they are an Industrie Standard for cutting & Grooving of Solid and Composite Aluminium Cladding

For cutting solid Aluminium, a Mist Spray System is available.

Watch the Video of a Striebig Compact cutting 8 sheets of 4mm of Aluminium in one go.

Providing comprehensive sales and technical support, we are well equipped and trained to supply you with the best machine suited to your manufacturing requirements.

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